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About Us:

RM Design Studio is a one of a kind hybrid of architectural design and visualization.  RM is respected in the ArchViz industry for our knowledge, quality imagery, ability to design and dedication to providing our clients not only what they want but the ability to discern what they need. 



3D Architectural Artist

Full Time Position

This position would involve the creation of high-end, photorealistic imagery and animations for a wide range of clients such as builders, developers, architects, product manufacturers.

Applicants must be able to:
-Create high-end photorealistic digital 3d imagery 
-Work under tight deadlines when necessary 
-Discuss projects and designs with Clients/Architects as well as interior designers, web designers, etc
-Read and understand architectural design files and have basic architectural knowledge
-Work either independently or as a team
-Be able to juggle multiple projects concurrently

-Applicant should have a strong grasping of design, composition, lighting and materials


5 years and/or related degree in the field

Autodesk 3ds Max (required)

Corona Render Software (required)

Adobe Photoshop (required)

Adobe After Effects and post processing software  (encouraged)

VRay Software (encouraged)

Sketchup (encouraged)

Thanks! Message sent.

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